My Role
June 2023 - Now

Productivity tools for SMEs

The challenge

Companies, and specifically SMEs, have a real challenge when it comes to adopting latest productivity tools. How do you train employees in a 10 people company to start using ChatGPT for example to write newsletters or reply to customers?

There needs to be improved ergonomics / a better solution to help them leverage these tools. And as it turns out, these employees won't be good prompt engineers, won't be describing their business and the task to solve properly, won't use ChatGPT Plus, and will still be using their phone to do a Facebook post or write emails.

So the solutions needs to integrate in the phone intuitively.

The solution

I've done it for  so why don't we use the same interface again: WhatsApp?

The idea is the following: A ChatGPT chatbot, that knows about your company, than can answer your questions and help you in various fields:

  • communication
  • administrative support
  • legal
  • finance

Each of these roles is basically a contact you get to talk to. So instead of writing a message to your social media manager for a new post you want to do, you write to the chatbot directly. Same for your fiduciary, just write the chatbot instead.

Of course, it comes with limitations: it should be rather simple questions that do not imply any liability for the pieces of advice given, and it can only produce text output for now. But that's pretty cool already, you get direct answers. And you can even drop voice notes.


I'm not a really good programmer, but I wanted to build this from scratch. Here's the stack:

  • Memberstack + Webflow for sign-up
  • to deploy the webhook & the functions
  • Twilio for the WhatsApp agent
  • Google Cloud for the storage

If you've read about, you'll realize that it's the same stack, and that's right. I can literally reuse the same pipeline, but with several phone numbers on Twilio's side.


That's quite tricky: where are customers for that? Most likely, on social media, via targeted ads. But that can be quickly quite expensive. So for now I'm mostly contacting the SMEs that I know that might need these services, and doing quick demos to try to scale that to 1k$ MRR, and re-invest in online marketing. I'll be sharing some key insights here later!

What's next

We're experimenting with other LLMs, adding features to the chatbot, we'll then see how we take this next. If you're interested in the tool, want more details / discuss acquisition, let me know: